Google's Trusted Contacts helps you in emergency situations Google's Trusted Contacts helps you in emergency situations

Trusted ContactsTrusted Contacts

All of us have been in situation where we didn't feel safe and probably were even in actual danger, so personal safety apps can be more important than we give them credit for. Even though they can't get you out of sticky situations by themselves, they can help your friends, family or the authorities find you faster and that can be the difference between life and death. This is why, it's great that Google has decided to launch its own personal safety app called Trusted Contacts.

As its name suggests, Trusted Contacts is an app that allows you to nominate specific people from your contacts list who you will share your location with. Those you have chosen will be notified about your decision and will be able to request your location whenever they believe you're in an unsafe environment. If you want to, you can deny their request, but if you don't manually refuse within five minutes, your location will be automatically shared. Additionally, those who you trust can also see your recent phone activity and how much battery you have left as this information may be vital in tracking you down. Lastly, you can also proactively share your whereabouts if you feel unsafe.

At the moment, the application only works on Android devices, but Google promised that an iOS version will arrive in the near future. In case personal safety is a topic you're interested in, you may also want to check out some of our older articles like: "Best Personal Safety Apps for Women" or "5 Apps for Very Worried Parents".

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