Learn Languages with Memrise

Learn Languages with Memrise

19.86 MB
Requires Android:
Varies with device
Mar 22, 2019

Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch or even learn English. Have fun while learning a foreign language with the Memrise language learning app. The more you enjoy learning, the more your skills will develop.

The app was scanned for viruses and it was found 100% safe. Memrise designed Learn Languages with Memrise that lies within the Educational category. The tool has the overall rating 4.7 on Google Play.

This application was downloaded and installed by over 10M users and its most recent stable update was on Mar 22, 2019. Many users installed the app on their Samsung and LG devices. Download the free .apk file of Learn Languages with Memrise 2.9_3866_memrise and read users' reviews on Droid Informer. This installer requires 20 MB of disk space.

Users leave reviews stating that you can find a beautiful user interface, its low cost, full functionality, just a few bugs and battery saver mode among the pluses of the app. The way users see it, the weak sides of this application are constant advertising, spam notifications and freezes and lags.


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