Kpop idol ranks
21 MB
Requires Android:
4.2 and up
Oct 15, 2020

Ultimate K-Pop Idol app Choeaedol. Vote for your bias by throwing hearts and rank your bias on the top. No rank manipulation. Here, you can also communicate with the fandom by sharing photos or videos. Come and enjoy 'CHOEAEDOL'! ⏰Real time vote for K-Pop Idols. You can vote your hearts directly to the idol or to the picture/video of that idol.

ExodusEnt. has created this application that lies within the Entertainment category. The most recent update of CHOEAEDOL♡ was launched on Oct 15, 2020 and the app was downloaded by over 1M users. According to the latest information, this application is rated 4.6 on Google Play and can be legally downloaded by people aged 14 and older.

There are in-app purchases and adverts in the app. Download the free .apk file of CHOEAEDOL♡ 5.3.1 and take a look at users' reviews on Droid Informer. This installer requires 13 MB of disk space and it can be launched on Android devices 4.2 and above. The antivirus report shows that the app is totally safe for usage.

Based on the users’ feedback, the major advantage of this application is a user-friendly interface, but some people suppose that CHOEAEDOL♡ possesses such a disadvantage as video ads.

Permissions required by CHOEAEDOL♡ v. 5.3.1

Those that potentially access the user's/ your sensitive information:
  • Access the Account Service list
  • Access phone state without changing it
Permissions rarely used in Entertainment:
  • Access the current list of running apps
Commonly used:
  • Save files to external storage
  • Access data stored on external storage
  • Prevent device from going to sleep


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