Easy, a Cabify app

Easy, a Cabify app

Varies with device
Requires Android:
Varies with device
Mar 8, 2019

Easy is now a Cabify app. We've joined to offer you more options getting around the city. Download our app and discover why more than 25 million users in 420 cities trust Easy. Enjoy the ride! Features. Fast: We always assign the nearest car to pick you up. Safe: We thoroughly train our partners. Rating system helps select best drivers.

The download of the app is safe and secure. Easy Taxi is the developer of Easy, a Cabify app which can be found in the Maps & Navigation category. The latest release was on Mar 8, 2019 and the tool was downloaded and set up by over 10M users.

This application has the overall rating 4.4 on Google Play. The statistics demonstrate that the app is popular mostly among Samsung and Lenovo users. Use the opportunity to get the installer of Easy, a Cabify app for free and check out users' reviews on Droid Informer.

Users write reviews pointing out that the app features the following drawbacks: spelling errors and intrusive ads.


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