FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation

FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation

10 MB
Requires Android:
4.0.3 and up
Oct 12, 2020

FLY is FUN is designed by pilots for pilots. FLY is FUN simplify flight preparation and improve situation awareness during flight, providing information on airspaces, reporting points, position on moving map, elevation, frequencies, railway, weather info … facilitate access to airfields related PDF document. Application also displays NOTAMs and data from rainfall radars.

Petr Kouril has created FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation that lies within the Maps & Navigation category. The tool has been downloaded and set up by over 100K users and its most recent update was released on Oct 12, 2020. This application has the average rating 4 on Google Play.

A number of users set up the app on their Samsung and Acer devices. It's free of charge to get the .apk file of FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation and you can have a look at users' reviews on Droid Informer. This application installer requires 8 MB of free space to work fine on Android 4.0.3 and higher. The app was scanned for viruses and it was found 100% safe.

Users write reviews stating that there are some pluses, they are a modern UI, excellent performance and tons of features. As users indicate, you can notice small bugs among the drawbacks of this application.

Permissions required by FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation v. 19.81

Those that potentially access the user's/ your sensitive information:
  • Get a network access to the approximate location
  • Get an access to the current location from the network-based resources
Commonly used:
  • Save files to external storage


Ali - 7 years ago

hi , its a great app, really help full,
for Programmers: will u add a featuure in which we can give path of a map rather than pasting maps in directory

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