Android Gmail Update 4.8 Android Gmail Update 4.8

Google recently rolled out an update for Android Gmail, and now we can have a closer look at what new features it actually brings to the table.

When you buy a music album of your favorite band, there is always one track you like the most, the one that you listen to over and over again. The main 'track' of updated Gmail is, perhaps, the ability to save all attachments directly to Google Drive, which saves a good deal of space on your device.

Honestly, I've been waiting for this feature foreverHonestly, I've been waiting for this feature forever

Another important addition is the improved support for right-to-left languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. Now Android Gmail changes the interface orientation for these languages placing photos and navigation menu on the right side.

That's how it looks with ArabicThat's how it looks with Arabic

Access to the navigation menu has also become much easier. All you need to do to access your account is just swipe from the left edge (or right, if you are using RTL language). Google also added Feedback, Help and Settings buttons to the menu.

And last but not least, another major improvement is the spam explanation feature. The name speaks for itself – now you'll know why Google decided to throw an email to spam. The explanation is given right at the top of every message.

Now you know how it works Now you know how it works

While improving functionality, Google also brings us some funny visual stuff.

All the features will be accessible within a couple of days, as folows from the post on Google+. So be sure to grab yourself Gmail from the Play Store, if you don't have one already.

Source: Google+

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