Make your summer holidays easier with Google Trips Make your summer holidays easier with Google Trips

The summer holidays are just around the corner and many people would like to travel abroad or at least to some new place that they haven't seen before. If you're one of them, don't forget about Google Trips when you start thinking about plans, routes, etc. This app is one of the best travel companions that you can currently find on the Android market as it 's very useful, free of any cost and will come with you wherever you decide to go.

In case you're curious to find out what this application can actually do for you, let me begin by telling you that it will help you stay on top of every aspect of your trip by neatly organizing your airplane tickets, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, car rentals, confirmation numbers, etc. Google Trips also provides editorial guides for more than 200 cities around the world, so if you've chosen a very popular destination for your vacation, you can find out pretty much everything that you need to know about it without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, being made by Google, the tool has access to your Internet searches, which means that it can make personalized recommendations based on your past queries on the IT giant's search engine. Lastly, Google Trips will also provide you with maps of the places that you're visiting, walking directions, etc. and all the data can be saved on the phone so that it can be viewed even when you don't have a working Internet connection.

What I like about Google Trips the most is the fact that it can automatically map out your day or half of it showing you the places that you need to see and putting together a route that you can take. Moreover, if you feel like doing something else, all you have to do is to tap the magic wand button and you'll be given more suggestions of landmarks and places to see that are in your relative vicinity. Each time you press the button, new places will be shown, so there will always be something new and exciting to discover. Just in case you were wondering, the application will also show you the foods and drinks that you must try out in the area that you're visiting. Another cool aspect for the less privacy-conscious users is the fact that Google Trips can scan Gmail and Inbox (both also Google-made tools), then automatically extract any important details related to your trips and neatly organize them into its own offline-accessible database, all without you lifting a single finger. However, at this time, the detection process is not perfect, but in case it misses some data, you also have the option of manually creating trips.

As I previously said, the biggest downside for the application is user privacy as using it will basically mean that you allow Google to track every step you make, but for a lot of people, the trade-off may be worth it. As far as I'm concerned, Google Trips is one of the applications that could have a big impact on our lives, but for some reason, the app isn't that popular just yet.