Safe Driving Apps for Android Safe Driving Apps for Android

The recent boom in using dashcams has led to that massive number of car crash compilation videos we see on YouTube every day. Unfortunately, they all indicate that the problem of ensuring road safety and reducing the number of collisions is still real. According to statistics, ever-popular technologies and gadgets of today's life make things even worse. Drivers who use hand-held devices are up to four times more likely to be involved in a car accident. But... Our smartphones do not always act as road distractions, sometimes they really help users be safer drivers. This article aims to show how it actually happens.

Sprint Drive First

Sprint Drive FirstSprint Drive First

This free and colorful Android app catches your attention at first sight. It helps you focus on a road as it automatically detects the fact of driving, then silences the phone, and responds to texts and calls with set replies. Your friends and family members will definitely know that you are behind the wheel.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro

The app offers a range of personal driving assistance features. For example, the collision warning option. With a smartphone's camera, GPS, and sensors the app detects vehicles in front of your car and alerts you to potential danger. Visual Radar of this app maps the objects in front of a car and calculates the driver's current speed. If the speed is too fast and there is a collision risk, an audio-visual warning pops up on the phone's screen allowing the driver to brake early enough. Also, the app includes a video recording feature and is compatible with different navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, Trapster, Telmap, Trapster, etc.

Canary - Teen Safety

This app is designed for very anxious parents and for caring mums and dads as well. If you download Canary on your and your child's phones, you will receive real-time notifications of the teen's risky behavior, which includes using the phone while driving, exceeding the speed limit you set for him/her, traveling into off-limits areas. So, this app is a good way to monitor the driving habits of your kid. 

Drive Smart TM

Drive SmartDrive Smart

Like the previous app, Drive Smart is mostly oriented towards young drivers. Its main concept is the game experience. Competition among other app's users and the desire to gain the biggest possible score usually stimulates drivers to improve their driving techniques without much stress. The app also provides some practical advice and, in general, optimizes the use of a car both in terms of safety and efficiency.

utter! Voice Commands

Hands-free manipulations with your phone do not deflect your attention from the road so much. That's why voice command tools are so popular on mobile platforms. The voice assistant Utter for Android is among them. The app recognizes your voice and enables you to perform various operations (navigate to a destination, post to Facebook or Twitter, turn Wi-Fi on and off, etc.) by your voice.