Best Android Apps for Job Seekers Best Android Apps for Job Seekers

Looking for a new job can be a complicated and lengthy process, but there are a lot of things that you can do to help speed things up and even your Android smartphone can prove to be of assistance with the proper tools. Here are some of the best Android apps that can assist you in your hunt for a new (and hopefully better) workplace.



LinkedIn is one of the most popular business-oriented social networks in the world, so it's pretty easy to understand why having this app on your phone could help you find a job. The application gives you access to execs and recruiters from almost every company in the world, thus offering you an easy way to see if the firm you want to work for is still hiring. Furthermore, in case you've already scored an interview, searching for the person who's about to decide if you will get hired on LinkedIn could give you some insight about him or her, so it may provide you that small advantage you needed.

Job Search

Job SearchJob Search

Indeed Job's Job Search is one the biggest job search engines in the world. The app includes data from over 50 countries and 28 languages, so chances that you will find something interesting close by to your location are pretty high. The app is quite user friendly and enables its customers to perform job searches directly from the homepage, simply by adding in a few words to determine the kind of work they're looking for. Furthermore, this tool helps you create or import resumes and send them to the hiring company, directly from its interface.

Monster Job Search

Monster Job SearchMonster Job Search

Even though not as popular as the previous app, Monster Job Search is still a tool worth checking out as it offers unique job listings that you won't find anywhere list. The application allows you to manage and upload CVs directly from its menu and import resumes from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Another big advantage is that Monster Job Search is also capable of pushing notifications and sending you emails as soon as a new job opening in your ares of interest gets uploaded.

Resume Tips

Resume TipsResume Tips

Finding a job opening is only one step in the process of getting hired. In order to actually land a job, you first need to have a bullet-proof resume. However, different jobs require different approaches, so having multiple resumes and using them accordingly seems like a reasonable solution.  As you've undoubtedly guessed from its title, Resume Tips is an app designed to help you create the best possible CV. What's really cool is that this tool offers a lot of savvy tips which take into account the kind of job that you are trying to nab, so you will always be prepared no matter what line of work you choose.

ResumeMaker On-the-Go

ResumeMaker On-the-GoResumeMaker On-the-Go

Once you know what your CV should contain, you will need a tool to help you create the actual thing, and ResumeMaker On-the-Go is great at that. This app is very fast, so if you find yourself at a job fair and see something you're interested in, you can quickly create a CV and send it directly to the employer's phone or email. The application also includes a job search tool which, although not as good as the ones previously mentioned on this list, is probably still worth trying out.

Job Interview Question-Answer

Job Interview Question-AnswerJob Interview Question-Answer

Now that you found a job and dazzled the employer with your stellar resume, it's time to get you prepared for the interview section and Job Interview Question-Answer is just the app you need for that. This application gives you an insight into the questions interviewers generally ask and offers you professional tips about how to answer them. Furthermore, you have the option of recording the answers that you plan to give, then listen to them and maybe find ways to improve them or make them more believable.

Business Motivation Quotes

Business Motivation QuotesBusiness Motivation Quotes

Failure is a just a step on the road to success. Yes, I know I'm bad at motivating people, however, if you're feeling down about a recent interview/job event that went wrong, Business Motivation Quotes might be just what you need to pick yourself up again. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to motivate coworkers or perhaps impress an interviewer with your wisdom. Lastly, you can even inspire friends with your deep thoughts as the application allows you to share the quotes you like the most via Twitter or email. (Facebook sharing isn't working currently).