Office for Android: Edit Documents on the Go Office for Android: Edit Documents on the Go

Our life becomes more dynamic every day, making us work non-stop. Sometimes, we need to check a document right on the way to the office or open a PDF while going by bus or metro. Modern devices have everything to be convenient for the task: high-power processors, a lot of RAM memory, and big screens. A user only needs to install the software that will fill in the mosaic and allow reading, editing, or even converting .doc, .xls, .pdf, and .ppt files.

There are many tools you can try out, here are the five free ones, which were checked to do the job by a huge number of users – more than 5 million.

Polaris OfficePolaris Office

Let's begin with the less popular one: Polaris Office PDF PPT XLS DOC. With the first launch of the application you have to create an account in it: choose an email you want to use and it's done. The interface is very simple to use and user-friendly. There are two sections: one for blank document creation (you can choose to make a Word, Sheet, Slide, HWP, Text, or Scan file) and another with templates (Invitations, Meeting, Recipe, Letter, Report, and Resume). It works in a bond with a scanning utility by the same developer, has a lot of options to configure, and asks for many permissions. Though, it works quickly and provides wide functionality.

The next group of tools is represented by the three of the chosen ones that have 10 million users.

Microsoft Office Mobile asks you to register an account to get access to its functionality. This tool provides you with several sample files to show the possibilities of the application. Within this utility you can choose between creation of blank Word or Excel documents and six templates (three for each of the text format variants). Unfortunately, I couldn't find the option to make presentations, even though there is a sample one, which proves that this tiny tool is quite mighty to manage dynamic presentations smoothly. Besides, the tool asks for a number of permissions to be accepted when installed.

OfficeSuite 8OfficeSuite 8

OfficeSuite 8 by Mobile Systems also includes a PDF Converter which may be very handy. It is possible to create 4 types of files with this utility: document, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF. The latter will require the installation of an additional tool. Office Suite 8 has very little space provided for text editing, so you see only a small part of it which is not very convenient. All the control tools are not hidden and have intuitively clear meaning. One aspect annoyed me very much – it has lots of adds in it.

The last but not least of the three – WPS: #1 FREE Mobile Office App. This is my personal favorite among the mentioned tools. First, it doesn't ask for any accounts to be created: you install it, open, and begin using. Second, it is pretty quick and comfortable when you deal with PDF files. It has a very laconic design. There are two toolbars: at the top and at the bottom of each document (be it a text, table, or presentation file), this menu orientation saves place and makes editing an enjoyable task. What's more, it has only a tiny adds bar on one of the tabs, which is of no nuisance, and has only two permissions to accept – file access.

Documents To GoDocuments To Go

Documents To Go is the leader among the five with 50 million users. The strong sides are: swift work, possibility of synchronization with desktop app, cloud services access, wide variety of editing possibilities, handy menus. Unfortunately, it also has weak sides, such as advertisements (which can be accidentally touched, providing the well-known consequences), you have to create an account to use the app, which is not always comfortable to do. Nevertheless, it has won hearts of 50 million people, there is what to love it for.

If you belong to that always-hurrying part of the society and need a tool to open any document on the way, now you have several trust-worthy ones to choose from.