Top Yoga Apps for Android Top Yoga Apps for Android

We don't really have to attend any dedicated classes, now that we always have a smartphone at hand; and that includes yoga, an ancient physical, spiritual, and mental practice you can access without leaving your room. Practicing yoga via an app can be both good (mostly for financial reasons) and bad (doing something without a trainer watching you may not be the best thing when you get to intermediate and advanced poses) for you, and I'm not going to be the judge here. But if you have been looking for a good Android app to help you get started (or continue) practicing yoga, then you are in the right place. I should probably warn you upfront that all of the apps listed here are the free versions of paid applications. The reason for that is simple and sad: the quality of absolutely free yoga apps is terrifyingly bad, I honestly couldn't find a single one worth mentioning here. But all of these apps are visually good and offer you at least a piece of content for free; hopefully, there's going to be enough previews for you to decide whether you want the full version. 

1. Studio Studio Studio Interface

This application has an attractive design (I'd even say the best on this list) that works fast, and everything seems to be implemented properly - the scrolling works flawlessly, and the accompanying videos and images can be downloaded quite intuitively so that you can get to the training without having to do anything extra. The application's main menu is divided into three sections: Pose Base, where you get access to poses and breath exercises with descriptions and videos (optional downloads), Programs, where you get to choose a program from a list of 38 (most of those are locked in the free version, but you still get to take a sneak peak into what it can offer), and Shop Yoga, which is practically useless as it simply redirects you to Amazon. All in all, this app is at the top of my list, because it offers a lot of free content and looks and feels just right, though it will occasionally disturb you with ads. Studio on Google Play

2. Daily Yoga - Fitness On-the-Go

Daily Yoga InterfaceDaily Yoga Interface

Daily Yoga ended up being the second on this list, even though I did not immediately like it - compared to Studio, it seems less intuitive. I must give you a heads up - the way this app delivers content (the videos for the exercises and poses) is a little unusual. It redirects you to a free app available on Google Play, which essentially is a plugin (not a standalone app) for the main app. It always scares me off when an app redirects me to Google Play, but with Daily Yoga there's nothing to worry about. Also, the plugins do not require any additional permissions from the user. In other regards, this app is not really different from Sudio, its main menu provides quick access to different sections: Pose Library, Community (didn't work for me), and Yoga Music. Or you can simply click Start Training to see the training options available; watch out for the little icons next to the section names as some of those are only available in the Pro version. 

Daily Yoga - Fintess On-the-Go on Google Play

3. Simply Yoga FREE

Simply Yoga FREE InterfaceSimply Yoga FREE Interface

Now, this application is overly simplistic in its design, that's why it may not impress you at the first glance. On launch, you are presented with three time options (20 minutes, 40, or 60) and two levels (essentially, one - the second is only available in the full version) you get to choose from. When you make the choice, you can hit one of two buttons: Play, which will sequentially open up video tutorials for exercises from your session, or the Options button. I didn't even think it was a button (that's how small it is), but it basically gives you a list of exercises for the session you opt in for, allowing for quicker navigation through exercises. Simply Yoga FREE may not be beautiful, but it does the job fairly well. 

Simply Yoga Free on Google Play

4. Yoga Fitness 3D


Finally, I want to mention an app because of its differences from the yoga applications one can find on the current market. I think Yoga Fitness 3D is only good for reference (at least, for now); it provides 3D animations for different postures (some of which are only available in the Pro version). You can scroll the 3D image all around to examine a posture from every imaginable angle and get a better understanding of what you're supposed to be doing. I believe this type of applications is very difficult to implement, and I cannot imagine that the effort put into this app payed off. It may not be that handy or useful, but it undoubtedly is beautiful. 

Yoga Fitness 3D on Google Play