Top 10 Health Apps For Android Top 10 Health Apps For Android

Besides being fun and assisting you with various work tasks, Android devices can also help you when it comes to health issues. There are many apps that don't only enable you to keep yourself healthy but can also prove crucial for the well-being of those around you. Here are 10 of the best health related apps for Android that you can find.

10. CPR•Choking (Free)


If someone started chocking or had a heart attack and crashed right next to you, would you know what to do? If the answer is anything different than a confident yes, then having this app on your phone could actually save a life. CPR+Chocking is an application that provides its users with videos describing the actions that need to be performed in order to resuscitate or stop someone form chocking. The videos are nicely divided into categories, so you will know exactly what to do, whether you are dealing with an adult, a child or an infant. Even if you've had first aid training previously, this application might still come in handy as it can show you the latest changes in the AHA (American Heart Association) Guidelines of CPR.

9. Sleep Better with Runtastic (Free)

Sleep Better with RuntasticSleep Better with Runtastic

I'm sure you know that sleeping is an important factor in your well-being. Sleep Better with Runtastic is an Android app designed to track your sleep (amount of time, phases, etc.) and help you improve your sleeping habits. Furthermore, this app will also allow you to log your dreams and keep a diary of your moods right after you wake up. Another cool thing about the application is that its Smart Alarm function can determine the ideal time to wake you up within a certain time frame and offers a wide array of new alarm sounds that you can choose from.

8. Cardiograph (Free)


If you have a heart condition or someone in your family has a history with this problem, then this app could be quite useful. As you've probably guessed from its title, Cardiograph is a tool capable of measuring your heart rate. The application uses your camera or the embedded sensor and offers accurate results. Another thing that you will probably like is that you can create different profiles for every person who uses the app and that it keeps a history with the most recent measurements so that you can compare them.

7. SpeedAnatomy ($0.99)


When you need a fun way to learn about the human body, SpeedAnatomy might be the best thing that you can find. The way this works is pretty simple: the game names a body part and you have to point to it as quickly as possible. For more accurate answers (and better scores) you can also zoom into any area you want to. The app contains 28 levels and includes bones, muscles, veins, arteries, the respiratory system and the digestive system. This application also has a free version called SpeedAnatomy Quiz, but I prefer this ad-free version.

6. WebMD (Free)


There are many times when you don't know whether you should worry or not about certain symptoms. WebMD is a diagnosis app created by two doctors who can give you an insight into what might be wrong with you, your family or your friends (medically speaking, of course!). This application also provides information about a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions, details about drugs and treatments, first aid guides and a pill identification tool. Lastly, the app lets you create your own lists of drugs, conditions and medical articles so that you can have them at hand any time you need them.

5. WomanLog Calendar (Free)

WomanLog CalendarWomanLog Calendar

WomanLog Calendar is an excellent app, specifically designed for women. The application can help you track your menstruation cycle and contains a fertility calendar. Additional tools allow you to keep track of the pills you are taking and your moods, BMT charts, weight monitoring and summaries of your last three months. If you value your privacy in these matters, than you will surely like the fact that you can protect the personal data stored by the app with a password.

4. Mini Nurse - Lite (Free)

Mini Nurse LiteMini Nurse Lite

Theoretically, Mini Nurse - Lite is an app for those who have just started studying to become a nurse, but it can also be very handy if you are just a regular person who is trying to take care of someone who is sick. The application contains general information about medical terms (including abbreviations, suffixes and prefixes), lung and heart sounds, websites that show you how to make subcutaneous injections, various types of calculations, practice questions, etc. Another positive aspect is that Mini Nurse - Lite is completely ad-free.

3. Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss (Free)

Fooducate Healthy Weight LossFooducate Healthy Weight Loss

Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss  is a complex application, mainly designed to help people lose weight without sacrificing their health for it. This tool can track your food and calories intake, explain to you why certain foods are bad for your system, keep track of your weight losing progress, etc. However, the main reason why this app is ranked so high is its ability to provide information about the food products that you want to buy. All you need is a device that can scan barcodes, and this application will Fooducate you about the food you buy and provide better alternatives (when possible).

2. iTriage Health (Free)

iTriage HealthiTriage Health

iTriage Health is a great diagnosis tool that is highly appreciated by most of its users. This app contains a huge database of symptoms, diseases, conditions, procedures and drugs. Another positive aspect is that it can show you the average response and waiting time for certain Urgent Care services and hospitals. Lastly, the application provides you with a list of doctors who can help you out with your specific problem and medical institutions that are equipped or specialize in dealing with the specific medical conditions that you are interest in.

1. First Aid (Free)

First AidFirst Aid

I ranked this application as number one because, from my point of view,  it's the most useful one. It's probably a culture thing, but where I live people always want to help when there are medical emergencies, without realizing that there are times when they could do more harm than good, even if their intentions are noble. First Aid is an app that will help ensure that you always know what to do in those critical situations when someone's life or corporal integrity hangs in the balance. The application contains pictures, videos and short texts that will help you follow the correct procedures in case of a medical emergency.