Keep an Eye on Your Health Keep an Eye on Your Health

We want to be as healthy as possible because only health allows us to do whatever we want. In order even the smallest change could not escape your attention, you can use several Android apps to keep an eye on your vision, hearing, weight, and blood pressure changes.

Eye Test and Color Blindness Test can help you keep track of your sight condition. Of course, the way you read colors won't be changed with time, but it might be interesting to know how you actually see them and whether you are color-blind, have color deficiency, or have perfect color perception. Color Blindness Test allows you to pass an easy test and to find that out. On the other hand, if you've noticed slight changes in the way you see the world, this might be a signal to check your vision. Eye Test may be a helper to decide whether you should go to an optometrist or this is just fatigue and you should grant your eyes some rest.

Hearing Test app can be helpful to check if everything is Ok with your sound perception. This app will determine the degree of hearing loss in relation to the sound frequency. This application can be also used to keep track of how your hearing changes, as you can print out all test results and compare them in some time.

For those who keep track of weight gain or loss, Weight Diary will provide all possible support to notice even minor changes in numbers. This is a diary where you can make notes and see the dynamics over a chosen period. All data is provided in a convenient chart form.

Blood Pressure Diary is a tracking app similar to the previous one, but this one can help you detect predisposition to heart diseases on early stages. You may track your blood pressure changes and be warned beforehand if something goes wrong in your organism.

All these apps may be helpful. They may show your health condition at the moment. Still, it is importanr to remember, that no matter what tests you undergo on your own, independent of the results they show you, you shouldn't rely on them only. It is necessary to regularly visit specialists as only they can give you a precise and correct description of your health.