Top 10 Android Apps for Animal Lovers Top 10 Android Apps for Animal Lovers

There are very few things in life that are better than having a pet. Funny or incredibly cute, our little furry companions bring us joy and a feeling of loyalty that you can't really find anywhere else. So, if you happen to be a pet lover who also owns an Android device, here are ten of the most suited apps for you.

10. Cat Piano Free

Cat Piano FreeCat Piano Free

Cat Piano Free is a small application that offers you a limited selection of cat meowing sounds. What's really fun about this free app is that its sounds are very realistic and can fool anyone including your actual cat. The second I played one of the sounds, my cat went into the hunt mode and started searching all over the house for the culprit. After a while she gave up, but she could still hear meowing so she assumed I have a new cat that I'm hiding from her and decided not to leave my sight for the entire evening. In case your cat is ignoring you, this app will definitely get its attention. The only downside is that the sounds are rather soft.

9. MapMyDogWalk


This app is great for dog owners who are also into fitness. MapMyDogWalk is a free application that will keep track of the route you take while walking your dog, and it will display nearby dog-friendly parks, restaurants and waste-bag dispensers. Furthermore, this tool can also give you real-time information about the distance traveled, speed, hours walked, calories burned, and it can even measure the heart-rate if you buy the compliant strap from the developer's shop. (I hope that the health data collected is related to the human owner and not the dog.)

8. Animal Translator

Animal TranslatorAnimal Translator

Have you ever wanted to understand what your pet is saying? Well... this app can't actually help you with that, but it will give you an impression that it does. That must count for something, right? Animal Translator is an app originally developed as an April Fools joke that grew to become an actually distributed application. Up to this day, it still receives funny comments like "I don't believe the translator is real". This tool will use your phone's embedded microphone to listen to what your pet is saying, then it will give you its interpretation of the sounds it recorded. Since it is flagged as inappropriate, I guess that only grown-ups are destined to hear what their pets are trying to communicate..

7. Talking Ben the Dog Free

Talking Ben The Dog freeTalking Ben The Dog free

A talking dog, really? Yup! Well, you'll first have to be annoying enough for him to stop reading his paper and fold it. Once he does, you can poke or tickle him and even have a (recordable) phone conversation with him. However, Ben is a retired chemistry teacher, so if you take him to the laboratory, he will become incredibly happy. Once there, you can combine the flasks and see the funny effects of your mixes on poor Ben.

6. Dog Whistler

Dog WhistlerDog Whistler

Dog Whistler tries to provide its users with an innovative way to control their dogs and teach them new tricks. The application cam emit a wide variety of sounds in the dog frequency spectrum, and all you have to do is to find the ones that your pet reacts to. This free app can help you call your dog over without having to raise your voice or teach it to stop barking.

5. Find My Pet

Find My PetFind My Pet

If it becomes popular enough, this application could become one of the handiest tools a pet owner could have. Find My Pet aims at creating a large community of pet owners who can help each other out when their furry companions go MIA. The way it works is like this, you issue an alert and the app tracks your GPS location then sends it to all the other users near by. You can add pictures, rewards and link the alert to your social media accounts. Furthermore, the application offers a geofencing feature that lets you simplify things by creating a limit to the search area.

4. Pets Next Door

Pets Next DoorPets Next Door

This app is designed to help you find playmates for your pet. Pets Next Door encourages its users to post pictures and stories about the pets that they own so that other animal lovers can enjoy them. Furthermore, the application can capture your GPS location and share it, thus making it easy for you to establish play-dates with other pet owners in your area.

3. Rate My Pets

Rate My PetsRate My Pets

If you're either a pet owner or pet lover, you will surely love this free app. Rate My Pets is basically like FaceBook but with cute and furry pets. This application encourages its users to post as many pictures of their animal companions as possible, brag about them, make friends among the community and chat about their shared hobbies. Rate My Pets is a great solution for bringing pet lovers from everywhere closer together.

2. Bedtime Cat

Bedtime CatBedtime Cat

Thanks to their obedient human slaves, cats are the number one topic when it comes to Internet videos. I'm guessing this is just the first step in their plan for world dominance. Anyway, in case you're one of those people who can't sleep if an entire day has gone without watching a single cat clip, Bedtime Cat is just what you need. This app gives you a new cat video each day for you to enjoy. There's no need to worry if you happened to miss yesterday's clip. The service keeps an archive with all the previously posted videos so that you can watch them over and over again.

1. Pet First Aid

Pet First AidPet First Aid

I know some of you expect something fun for number one, but this app deserves to be on top of the list. Pet First Aid is a great tool to have in case of emergency, especially when you dont' have a way to contact the vet. This application contains an extensive library of videos, images, step-by-step instructions and articles that you can use in case your pet is ever in some kind of medical trouble. If you are a pet owner, having this app on your Android device could turn out to be crucial for your furry companion's well-being.