Best Android apps to help you quit smoking Best Android apps to help you quit smoking

Smoking is a habit which is not only bad for your health, but also makes you waste a lot of money. Unfortunately, the nicotine addiction is one of the worst ones to get out of, not only because your body will miss the substance, but because there's always the physical addiction to the act of smoking itself. According to many, electronic cigarettes are much healthier and would present a great alternative, but I'm not really sold on them. Let's be honest, they're way too recent, so there's no way of knowing what long-time effects they have.

In the end, there comes a point when you realize that quitting smoking all together is the best thing for you to do. In case you're already there, but you still need a little help, here are some of the best Android apps to help you put smoking behind you.

Smoke Free

Smoke FreeSmoke Free

Smoke Free is a popular app which provides you with several tools that will keep reminding you why you wanted to quit in the first place. The application doesn't just give you badges for your progresses, but also shows how long it has been since you quit, how many cigarettes you didn't smoke (based on your previous average), how much money you've saved so far and how much healthier you have become since you stopped smoking. Additionally, there's a diary where you can record the moments when you're craving cigarettes (studies show that writing helps you get over them), and you can post your achievements on social media websites to show your progress to the whole world. What makes Smoke Free special is that its developer (David Crane) is constantly looking for new and effective means to help others quit smoking. This means that he constantly introduces new, experimental features the users can access if they choose to be part of the trials.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Quit Smoking: Cessation NationQuit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation is another helpful tool to have at hand when you're trying to quit smoking. Just like in the previous case, this app shows you how long it has been since you last smoked, how much money you have saved and gives you a lot of details about how much your health has improved. What's different about the application is the way it treats cravings: instead of writing about them, Cessation Nation offers users several games that they can play whenever they feel the urge for a smoke. Additionally, the app allows you to get in touch with a big community of former smokers who can help you out with their advice and stories.

Quit Smoking

Quit SmokingQuit Smoking

Just like losing weight, quitting smoking is not a "one-size-fit-all" process, and this is exactly the approach that Quit Smoking is taking. This app offers the ability to create personalized "stepping-down" programs to gradually take you off your cigarette addiction. Im order to do so, it gathers data about your smoking habits, then compares them to the ones submitted by other users in order to help you find a solution that will work for you. Moreover, the application lets you track your daily cigarette consumption, making it easier for you to continuously adjust (read downsize) your smoking pattern.


Quit Now!Quit Now!

Quit smoking - QuitNow! is an application mostly based on community support. Going through to all the withdrawal symptoms on your own can be quite difficult, so being able to see what others went through or how they coped with their issues can be very helpful, and this is exactly what this application offers. Furthermore, the app allows you to share your success stories with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Additional features include a timer which shows you how long it's been since you last smoked (in days, hours and minutes), the money that you saved by not smoking and how many days you've added to your life since you gave up on cigarettes.

Quit Pro

Quit ProQuit Pro

Giving up on smoking means knowing yourself, understanding what made you light a cigarette in the first place and what made you not want to smoke anymore. Quit Pro is an app that focuses on finding the triggers for both your smoking cravings and for resisting them, thus helping you make better choices about the situations you need to avoid and those that are good for you. The application can also show you what days of the week are the hardest for you, so that you will know to pay extra attention. Additionally, Quit Pro keeps detailed statistics about the cigarettes that you've smoked and the ones that you've resisted, provides you with inspirational quotes from various health organizations and shows you exactly how giving up on smoking has improved your well-being.

If these applications help you out, you should know that your Android device can also help you keep an eye on your health and make exercising fun.