Facebook is rolling out ‘unsend’ for the Messenger app

The Unsend feature allows you to remove any message, provided that you’ve sent it 10 minutes ago or less. Pretty much the same feature you find in Google’s Gmail. Nevertheless, the message won’t be erased completely, as the app will leave a marker, indicating that the message was removed. The messages will also be stored on Facebook servers for a short period of time to prevent misuse. Unsend is slowly rolling out globally and is currently available for iOS and Android apps in Poland, Bolivia, Lithuania, and Colombia.

Although Facebook is still trying to be the Internet’s Jack of all trades, it’s good to know the Messenger team listens to the community, so thumbs up for that. The team also announced that more options for the feature are currently in development. Allegedly, the users will also be able to set expiration dates for unencrypted messages and threads, which would allow you to get rid of the outdated conversations automatically.