Netflix users should be on the lookout for the latest scam Netflix users should be on the lookout for the latest scam

Phishing schemes have been around since the first online payment method was invented and they are getting more sophisticated by the day. Usually, scammers go after a specific group of people and it seems that in the last few days, those with a Netflix subscription have become the target of a large con. So, if you receive an email saying that your Netflix account is being suspended because the financial information couldn't be verified, it's fake.

The scammers are pretty clever, making things urgent by telling you that your account will be suspended if you don't answer within 48 hours. Additionally, the email features Netflix's logo and a bunch of additional data that you would expect to see such as links for contact and for the help center. If you click the link that allows you to restart your registration, you will be taken to a counterfeit Netflix site that will ask for your personal details along with billing information such as credit card information. Those tricked into giving up their data receive the following message: "Your membership has been reactivated." and don't realize that they have been duped until after they notice unauthorized purchases from their cards.

To keep yourself safe from these kinds of schemes, you need to pay close attention to the details, especially when you're about to give away financial or confidential information. Check letter by letter the entire email address, or URL of the website you're being redirected to and, if you're still unsure, call the official company (in this case Netflix) and ask them for information. Especially in this period, when holidays are just around the corner, you should be very careful as phishing scams are on the rise.