What to do if you lost your Android smartphone? What to do if you lost your Android smartphone?

No matter how cautious you are with your smartphone, there is a chance of losing it once. It is always unpleasant to lose something. But there is nothing worse than losing a smartphone, which is a tool for solving everyday tasks and communication with the outside world.

Android offers its users a search function for a lost smartphone. Its activation allows you to track the location of the device and even perform it with a series of actions to ensure personal data security. To be able to find the missing Android smartphone, it is important to activate the corresponding function in the settings in advance. To do this, go to Settings - Google - Security - Find a device and turn the activation toggle switch to the ON-position.

In case the smartphone is lost, go from the computer to the website Find My Device (if you have a Samsung smartphone, you can use the company's search engine). There you will see the location of the lost device if it is connected to the Internet.

Do not be afraid to use the cleaning function. It is best to do this immediately after you discover the loss - you do not risk anything. Once the device is found, you can immediately restore everything from the backup. Otherwise, you risk that the finder can access your data.

 If you still could not find the device, you can be glad that all the data that were in his memory have not gone away. They are securely stored in your Google Drive. When you activate a new device, log in to your Google account and configure it using the saved backup by selecting the appropriate option.