Orfox Aims to Make Tor More Secure on Android Orfox Aims to Make Tor More Secure on Android

Yesterday, The Guardian Project announced the alpha release of a new web browser called Orfox. The tool offers a better solution for enjoying the privacy offered by the Tor network on Android-powered devices. Unfortunately, at the moment, this project is in its very early stages so installing it is quite complicated for the average user. If you're willing to try it out, click on the link at the end of this story and follow the instructions written there. I should also mention that, since we're talking about an alpha build, you will most likely have to put up with a number of bugs.

If you're new to this subject, I'll try to explain. Tor is an anonymity network which can make your Internet activity almost impossible to track. Up until this point, The Onion Router worked very well on PCs, but there wasn't a completely functional solution for using it on a mobile device. Last year, The Guardian Project (an organization that's trying to provide the average user with as much privacy as possible) found a way to use Tor on Android smartphones and tablets. This solution (called WebView) worked by taking code from the Mozilla browser and then retrofitting it with pieces from the Tor browser.

This year, the company has decided to change its approach with Orfox, a tool created by using code directly from the Tor browser and patching the mobile incompatibilities. This new browser should provide its users with a much more extensive functionality, while also being ultra secure.

To read the entire Guardian Project announcement and to find out how to install Orfox on your Android device click here.