The Maru OS Android add-on is now open-source The Maru OS Android add-on is now open-source

I'm sorry cat fans, but this one isn't about the famous Japanese feline, but about Maru OS: an Android add-on designed to help turn your smartphone into a desktop. The project has just become open-source, which doesn't only mean that everyone will be able to help improve it, but also that you'll be able to benefit from other people's work. Hopefully, now that the project is open-source, its compatibility will be the first thing to get expanded.

I'm guessing that I should start by explaining what Maru OS actually is: it's an add-on for Android that will help you turn your device into a desktop. Basically, with this add-on installed, whenever you connect your smartphone to a display, you will be able to run a desktop Linux version directly from the phone. In case you're worried, your mobile will still primarily be a phone, so you will still receive calls and texts, but it will also be a Linux device on the side. At the moment, Maru OS only works on Nexus 5 devices and that's why I made the previous comments related to compatibility. Furthermore, I also hope that the installation process will get improved as currently, getting this OS extension to run is quite a challenge.

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