Best Android Apps to Wake You Up Best Android Apps to Wake You Up

A lot of people use the default Android alarm app to wake them up for work or other purposes, but that's not always the best solution. Especially if you have trouble waking up, you should be looking for different apps that can make getting up less of a hassle. Here are some of the best alternative alarm clock apps for Android that are either more effective or less annoying than the default one.



Let's start things out with something simple. Timely isn't the most feature-rich alarm clock app, but is still more effective and easier to control than the default Android alarm application. This tool lets you set up as many alarms as you need, set different tunes to each of them, add labels and even create simultaneous alarms. The design of the application is pretty nice, with three panels and quick controls. Furthermore, in case you have the habit of turning the alarm off then going back to sleep, you can instruct the app to make sure that you're awake by making you solve a math problem before shutting down the alarm.

Lightning Bug

Lightning BugLightning Bug

Lightning Bug is an interesting alarm clock app and one of my personal favorites. In theory, this application is designed to help you fall asleep with soothing sounds but fortunately it also comes with an alarm clock which can easily replace the default one. What's cool is that the alarm's snooze function can be fully customized, so you can make it perfectly fit your style. Additionally, the application includes over 200 sound loops, 50 backgrounds to help put you to bed, the ability to disable your phone's button lighting feature, information about the local weather, etc.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock XtremeAlarm Clock Xtreme

One of the most feature-rich applications, Alarm Clock Xtreme is definitely an application worth trying out. This application will allow you to set alarms in both the 12 and the 24 hour format, lets you schedule multiple alarms with different songs (and even playlists) and can be set to require the solution to a math problem in order to turn off the alarm. What's really nice about this app is that it can be instructed to automatically read your GPS location and refrain from waking up in case you are traveling and forgot to turn it off. Additionally the volume and vibration level can be set to gradually increase (so it won't wake you up too suddenly) and you can auto-stop or auto-snooze alarms.



Are you one of those people who can easily go back to sleep after turning off the alarm? Well, Alarmy is known as the most annoying app, for a reason. This tool will make sure that you're awake by refusing to turn off the alarm until you take a picture of a previously specified location. So you can basically set it to keep ringing (singing) until you take a picture of a filled coffee cup in your kitchen, thus proving that you are fully awake. Of course, this is just an idea and you can set the image to anything that works for you. Furthermore, you can easily set one of the songs you have on your smartphone as the alarm so the sound isn't too annoying.



If the graphical design of an application is very important for you, then AlarmDroid may be the solution that you need. Don't get me wrong, the app is just as effective as others offering multiple recurring alarms, customizable snooze duration, and will even allow you to activate the snooze function by flipping your smartphone. However, what makes this application stand out from the rest is the high-quality UI design that it sports.  



SleepBot is an app I would recommend for those who want the waking up process to be as smooth as possible, so if you're usually angry about being woken up, this application could help make things better. The tool monitors your sleep and tracks your patterns so that it can wake you up just at the right time (within the allotted interval). This smart alarm app uses your phone's accelerometer to monitor your sleep, logs a wide array of sleeping metrics and even offers you a wealth of information to help improve your sleeping habits. What's really funny is that SleepBot can also help you find out if you snore or talk in your dreams by recording any sounds that you make while you are sleeping.

In your opinion, what's the most important feature that an alarm clock app should have?