Get personal customer service with Chrome Get personal customer service with Chrome

Having a successful business is no easy feat. If you're a retailer, you have to struggle every day in order to keep your customers happy and make sure that they will constantly come back to your store(s). Fortunately, even if you have a brick-and-mortar store there are quite a few digital solutions to help you prosper. Here are a few ways in which Google's Chrome devices can help you offer personalized services to your customers and improve your revenue.

Localized shopping

Nowadays, most self-respecting stores have digital displays showing off their merchandise, but making sure that those screens also provide a personalized shopping experience for the customers can be quite tricky. Imagine having a chain of stores that expands to multiple states and countries; displaying warm sweaters in a place where it's snowing is great for business, but simultaneously showing off the same merchandise in a warm region will drive most customers away. Chromeboxes, (the desktop version of Chromebooks) can provide you with a cost effective solution that will allow you to display merchandise personalized to each of your stores. Furthermore, they will take up very little physical space in your store and you won't have to constantly bother the IT department to change the images for a specific store. Lastly, you can manage all your Chrome devices from the same place, which means that you don't even have to bother the store managers from each location.

In-store kiosk

Chrome devices can also be successfully used to set up in-store kiosks. If you own a restaurant, a coffee shop or something of the kind, using self-service touchscreens for orders instead of waiting for the personal to come and take the customers' orders can be highly beneficial. Not only will the lines be shorter, but the people will also get their orders sooner, so if the food is good, the customers will surely be happy. Additionally, in-store kiosks can also be effective for other types of retailers as they will allow people to order things that aren't currently available in the store. The customers will get to see all the merchandise sold by the company and receive advice from the local staff.

Digital signage

Making sure that the customers see the right merchandise, isn't the only way to ensure their happiness. Another really cool thing that you can do for the people that come into your store is giving them the information they need. For example, a company named Scheels uses Chrome devices to display information about nearby river conditions, fishing techniques and equipment in its sporting goods stores. Since digital signage takes very little time to set up with Chrome devices, it's quite an effective solution.

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