Google Photos is now better at sorting your albums Google Photos is now better at sorting your albums

Google has just released an update for its Photos app for Android. Version 1.24 of the application adds a better cropping tool and some enhanced capabilities when it comes to sorting photos in the users' albums. The update is currently rolling out and if it's not available yet in your region, just wait a bit. While this latest version isn't a major overhaul, the new features that it brings are quite important as they cover some of the Google Photos weak areas.

Even though Google Photos was designed to offer just some basic image editing features, its cropping capabilities seemed subpar, being counterintuitive and hard to use even if you were an experienced user. While I can't say that the latest update completely fixed everything, I must admit that the new icon labels and arrangement make the cropping feature significantly easier to use. The other important addition brought by the 1.24 version is a new "recently added" category that you can find in your album options. Since the application allows you to save an unlimited number of photos, the ability to quickly figure out which ones are the newest makes things a lot simpler.

Google seems to be determined to turn the Photos App into the all-in-one solution for your image editing, management and searching needs. If you keep in mind the fact that just a few months ago the IT giant added a new navigation bar and made the NLK Collection free, you can easily see how much the application has progressed since the time when it was just your run-of-the-mill photo storing service.

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