Make Notes on Your Watch Make Notes on Your Watch

Today, Android smartwatches have become a household name. Seeking fame, hardware manufacturers and software developers are doing their best to enhance the functionality of smartwatches: the upward trand suggests creating a full-featured device of the laconic design.

This way, Wolf Kienzle and Ken Hinckley decided to conduct Analog Keyboard Project at Microsoft's Redmond base in Washington to learn capabilities of tiny touch screens to recognize handwriting of input text. Nowadays, handwriting methods are considered of vital importance since they present a feasible alternative to voice-powered texting (it is not always convenient to speak into your watch) and unhandy soft keyboards with wee keys (it's very easy to make a misprint).

With the Analog Keyboard, you will be able to write on your watch screen. The developers honestly admitted that the program is far from a polished product. The software is free of charge because the developersneed a feedback todetect and fix numerous bugs. Today, the Analog Keyboard is able to recognize lowercase English letters, basic punctuation characters and numbers. Also, you can use the whole screen for every symbol, enjoy the auto-correction system, cancel your writing and make spacebars.

Now you are welcome to have a look at the video and test the software. Take into account that there's no way to write offensive words — they are banned.

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