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If you are a true lover of tabletop strategies, and the words Catan, Carcassonne, and Hive have more than one meaning for you, you are likely to enjoy the Android versions of these games. Like any other multiplayer games, these can be played both against an artificial intelligence and your friends. In the latter case, you are to share the same smartphone, but this doesn't make the game less interesting.

Two of the games are based upon hexagonal tiles. These are: Hive and Catan. Nevrtheless, they all have their own peculiarities.


In Hive you have to surround your opponent's Queen Bee and protect yours from the same thing. The first one who reaches the objective wins. There is no actual playing board for the game. Tiles are just put on the table. There are five standard creatures: Queen Bee, Beetle, Grasshopper, Spider, Soldier Ant, and two additional ones to make the game more interesting: Ladybug and Mosquito. Each of the creatures has its own movement peculiarities which, combined with in-game restrictions, make the game a challenging one. The game is free to play, but has additional content you can buy.


In the classic variant of Catan the map of the island is randomly generated each time the game is played. The players are colonizing the land, trying to get the best resources to build villages, towns, and roads fast as the first one to get the set amount of points will win the game. The score is gained with town modifications, building the longest road, and collecting the biggest army. It may sound easy, but, when you start playing, you accept the challenge from your opponents' minds, even in the Android version if you choose to play against friends, which form the real contest.


Carcassonne is a game where players create a landscape turn by turn, placing one of their available followers (these bring you points) on a road segment, city section, or a field. Some followers can be returned to player's hand (when the road or a city is finished), others remain in their place till the end of game, so you have to plan carefully where to place each one as there are only five of them at your disposal. The main objective is to get the biggest score when the final count is carried out.

The three games have easy-to-remember rules and involve strategic thinking combined with competition spirit. These aspects make them interesting to play for a wide audience. Android versions of Hive, Catan, and Carcassonne allow a player to bring the game with him (or her) and enjoy it on the road, when there is a need to kill time.

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