What's new about Android 5.0 L? What's new about Android 5.0 L?

The OS update is going to hit common Android devices this fall, but developers with Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 can get it today. Basically, this update is going to bring more in questions of design rather than functionality, so let's see what the new Droid has to show.


The update brings a well-shaped UI which will feature real-time shadows, 3D-tiles, 60-fps animations and other visual goodies, that will make Android look more tangible. The new «Material Design» goes against the common flat interface trend, but Google says that it will be more intuitive. «Material design» is said to be available for different screen sizes, though it's not yet known when (if at all) the company will roll out the L to older devices.


The lockscreen will finally get notifications and the users will be able to filter them so that only the most important ones are shown on the lockscreen. Moreover, if you don't want the messages to be shown, you may make the lockscreen display the message notification without the text.

Improved Battery life

The Project Volta will provide the users with a detailed info on what is drinking the mobile's juice. The update will come with a smart Battery Saver mode that will turn off all the beauty of the UI as soon as the battery charge goes below 15%. This is said to add some extra 90 minutes to the phone's life.

There are a lot more things that are going to be introduced with the release of Android 5.0 L, like support for 64-bit CPU, improved GPU support, new Gmail design, smartwatch authentication feature (that will allow to use a handset instead of a password) and much more which we will be able to see as soon as the update hits our devices, hopefully all of them.

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Will Samsung support the update?

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I always look forward to new versions. They bring a lot of interesting.

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