Chromebooks Can Now Play Movies Offline Chromebooks Can Now Play Movies Offline

Recently Google introduced something all the Chromebook owners were longing to see for quite a while. Finally, the new Play Movies and TV app with an offline mode has been released and Chromebook owners can now watch videos without being connected to the Internet. Thus, it narrows the gap between the device and PC. The app also includes Info Cards feature, that allows you to get a detailed information on a film, its cast and the music used in the movie. And if your Chromebook's resolution is not enough, you may as well stream the video to a device with a larger screen via Chromecast.

The app is currently available only for Chrome OS, and there is no info on whether it will make it to Android, but keep your head up! Google never leaves its droid comrades out in the cold. Aero app has also gained support for Chromecast. Though it is still a beta release and Google would appreciate any reports submitted to, a beta is still better then nothing.

The company also announced that it now makes Chromebooks available in nine more countries: Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines and Spain.