Google adds more anti-phishing features to G Suite Google adds more anti-phishing features to G Suite

Google has recently announced on its official blog that it's adding some new features to keep G Suite users safe from phishing scams. From now on, Google Cloud Platform customers will have more control over the safety options for services such as Google Calendar, Gmail or Hangouts and what's even better for those who aren't that tech-savvy is that most of these new features will be enabled by default, without having to go through any settings.

For starters, the basic device management on mobiles is enabled by default, without having to enter an account first, so admins from businesses will be able to use the dashboard to see which devices are connected to the company's data at all times. Furthermore, the services will now enforce passcodes, periodically delete confidential data and automatically protect Android as well as iOS devices. Furthermore, Google's default security settings now automatically flag emails that are unauthenticated, contain embedded scripts, come from untrusted sources or that include encrypted attachments and warn you about emails coming from addresses that try to imitate a coworker's names or names of familiar domains. Finally, shortened links will be automatically expanded to uncover malicious links while images will be scanned for phishing indicators.

G suite's security is also getting new mobile management charts and OAuth activity charts, while the users of the Team Drives service will be able to protect their confidential data using Information Rights Management (IRM) controls (prevent people from printing or downloading files) or limit access privileges for team members. If we also keep in mind that Gmail is already blocking JavaScript attachments, it's easy to see that Google is trying hard to become one of the most secure companies on the market.