Google Play Now Lets You Contact Device Experts Before Purchasing Google Play Now Lets You Contact Device Experts Before Purchasing

Google has decided to integrate its Hangouts video conferencing feature in its efforts to sell you the products that you need. The company is trying to make it easier for the customers to get expert advice before purchasing products like Chromebooks or other devices from its Store. Unlike Helpouts, this service will be completely free, even if, after the chat, you decide against buying the product you were interested in.

Basically, whenever you wish to buy a Nexus or Chromebook from the Play Store, you will be able to call the Google Device Expert team and receive advice from a sales person that will help you decide whether you should go ahead with the purchase or not. It's basically the same as going into a "real" shop and asking the people who work there for information, with the added advantage that you don't need to send them away in case you don't need their advice. This feature will only be available for the smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks that you wish to buy through Google's store.

Furthermore, rumor has it that this is just the first part in Google's plans for future. According to unofficial sources, the IT giant is working out the details for the creation of a "virtual help desk" that will be accessible through various retail stores. At the moment we have no information about the locations where the customers will be able to find this help desk or when the service will become available, but what we do know is that it will also be based on the company's Device Expert team.