Google Search gets a major update with app streaming Google Search gets a major update with app streaming

Google went on an update spree yesterday: we've learned about the overhaul of Google+ and Google Search becoming “a bit more human”. But there was another important update made to the search engine that we've missed. From now on, Google's search algorithms are capable of providing you with search results from within the apps and making these apps instantly accessible on the Web.

To cut the long story short, if you are searching for a 'one night stay in Prague', Google will display results available from HotelTonight or Airbnb. Moreover, you will be able to launch the app itself by clicking the Stream button next to the search result. The app will run without being installed to your mobile device, and you'll be able to use it to book the room you liked. If you enjoyed the experience, you'll be able to install the app.

According to the official announcement, Google is currently working with a small group of partners which includes HotelTonight, Chimani, Daily Horoscope and New York MTA Subway Map. The company is hoping to expand the number of apps available for streaming, so with this cloud computing technology we'll be able to save quite a lot of storage space and RAM.