Google's Search now offers fun facts Google's Search now offers fun facts

According to a recent announcement posted on Google's Blog, the IT giant's search engine is now capable of offering some easy-to-find fun facts about your topic of interest. The functionality is rolling out as we speak, so it should soon become available to everyone willing to test it out. If you never knew that cats can't chew big pieces of food because their jaws can't move sideways or that the word hamster comes from a German words that means horde, now you can rectify that.

If you're not sure how this new functionality works, all you have to do is to type your query in the search box followed by "fun facts" (without quotes). For example, if you're interested in fun facts about the color red, just go to Google's Search and type red fun facts. You will find out that despite popular belief, bulls aren't actually annoyed by the color red as they are colorblind. You can see fun facts for fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and all kinds of living creatures. What I really like is that if Google knows a lot of interesting facts about something, it will display them randomly, so you may find out something new every time you enter the same query.

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