How to Get Your Money Back from Google Play How to Get Your Money Back from Google Play

Imagine your brother/sister/child asks you to play with your smartphone. After a couple of hours of crying and begging you give up and humbly pass your device to a victorious beggar and happily get back to your work. After getting tired of your games the villain decides to get another one on Play Store and downloads a paid game. In a while you find out that there is a whole load of new games on your device and not a single dollar on your account. To avoid such situations, it's always a good idea to password protect purchases on Google Play.

But how often does it happen that you yourself buy an app that seems really cool, but turns out a complete let-down? Personally, I was irritated with this one, though the screenshots and the video looked nice. So I rushed to Google Play to uninstall the game and get my refund, but it was too late.

Yes, you can always get your money back from Google Play if you don't like an app. But the catchy thing was that the refund button was available only for fifteen minutes after the installation and then it turned to uninstall. Seems that it has been a lot of rage around the issue and Google has finally decided to extend the time limit up to two hours. So whenever you buy something on the Play Store, keep in mind that you always have two hours to get a complete refund. And here is a detailed instruction on how to do it in case you've never used the function.

Source: Google Play Help