More Braaains for Your Android More Braaains for Your Android

It's been quite a while before IFTTT has finally launched its application on Android. If you are still unfamiliar to the app, then now you are going to discover something, that may help you save a couple of hours every day.

IFTTT (If This - Then That) is an application that has a 'recipe' to make your life online much easier. To say it short, you create recipes by linking a trigger (if this) to an action (then that). For example, you can create a recipe that will link together your Instagram and Facebook accounts, so whenever you post a picture to Instagram, it will be also posted on Facebook. You can get a notification if it is going to rain tomorrow or save your Tumblr 'likes' to view them later on Feedy.

Android InterfaceAndroid Interface

As you see, even before the Android version, the possibilities of this app have been quite cool. But now IFTTT will make your smartphone even smarter. The thing is, that Android version of the app allows you to add different functions of your smartphone to the recipes. Which means, that your Android device will be able to send an SMS whenever you miss a call automatically, or turn to mute before important meetings. With IFTTT the functionality of your Android device depends purely on your fantasy. And those who are still at a loss may use some of the most popular and handy recipes from IFTTT website.