Moto X Goes on Sale: $100 Off the Price Moto X Goes on Sale: $100 Off the Price

Motorola launches a two-day sale on its critically acclaimed Moto X flagship. Unfortunately, only in the US. Starting today at 12:00am EST, you will have 48 hours to get the Android smartphone with a $100 discount. The price of a no-contract 32GB model is $399, thus you may get one during the sale for $299 - a very reasonable price for what you get.

Aside from 32GB of storage, the smartphone boasts a 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution, a 1.7GHz snapdragon processor and a 10MP camera. Moto X is also very battery friendly and provides 2200mAh of juice which keeps the smartphone running for up to two days. And atop of it all the phone includes a voice interaction feature.

Yes, the Moto X+1 is going to be released rather soon and that might be a good idea to wait a little bit. But, there is also a number of updates for Moto X, including the new Android 4.4.3, that are going to be pushed out in a matter of days, thus buying a Moto X would still be quite a bargain. So, if you made up your mind, visit the Motorola store. The price in the left corner is most likely to be displayed without a discount and it will be applied as soon as you add the phone to the cart, so don't be afraid.

Source: Motorola