What's New With the Android 4.4.3 Update What's New With the Android 4.4.3 Update

Recently, Google uploaded factory images for Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, and the update is now available on the Android Open Source Project. The update is said to roll out over the air slowly within a couple of days. But, as people are getting increasingly anxious and download the factory images to their devices, there is quite a number of reviews and pictures around the Web. So let's have a look at what we have at the moment.

Basically, the update brings only a bunch of bug-fixes, but there are some pretty changes in the Dialer app's interface.


The main screen still displays your favorite contacts and the most recent calls at the top. But you may now reorganize the list by long-pressing a contact and then dragging it wherever you like. The contact icons have gotten an overflow button that leads to the full contact info. And yes, the action bar is now blue, instead of white.


After you hit the dialer button, you get an opaque full-screen interface instead of the semi-transparent keypad and contact list in the background. A neat change, to my mind, that makes the whole interface look less fussy. The color scheme of the interface has also been slightly altered towards lighter colors and now looks more consistent.

As I said, the OTA update is most likely to become available within a few days, but if you've got a Nexus and don't want to wait, follow the link below to download the factory images. But keep in mind that flashing a factory image will erase every piece of info you've got on your phone, so don't forget to back everything up!

Download Factory Images

VIA: Android Police