Android Games: Rival Knights and Modern Combat 5: Blackout Android Games: Rival Knights and Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Hear the words of herald! Its gaming majesty, Gameloft, announces an opened jousting tournament for every fair citizen of the Android realm. Entrance: free of charge, no titles required. Just make sure you have a lance. Sorry, I mean an Android device.

The game is said to be released this week and it will be free, but not much details of the gameplay have been revealed. Yet, that is not that surprising as the concept is pretty simple: hit the opponents to tilt them out of the saddle. The good old medieval ultraviolence. We can imagine the game to have a multiplayer mode and some features to customize your metal cans and their horses. Maybe some cool-looking armor sets, personalized banners or longer spears. And surely the trailer! You just have to watch it! The video really made my day.

Hope they have good insurance. If you liked the trailer, hit the link to Gameloft channel on YouTube for more funny medieval stuff.

In case you are into more advanced weapons, Gameloft is cooking a new edition of the Modern Combat franchise, titled Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The game is said to have a multiplayer with a whole bunch of maps and two different modes: Team Battle and Squad vs Squad. The difference is quite simple: in the first mode the teams are formed from random users and in the second one the teams are pre-made, so you can team up with your friends.

Modern Combat 5 GameplayModern Combat 5 Gameplay

Modern Combat 5 GameplayModern Combat 5 Gameplay

Blackout is going to be released later this summer and we are currently waiting for an exact release date which is likely to be announced pretty soon.

VIA: Droid Gamers