Nokia X2: Another Android Smartphone from Microsoft Nokia X2: Another Android Smartphone from Microsoft

The purpose of Microsoft's first Android-based smartphone, Nokia X, was to bite into the Android's market share and lure first-time smartphone owners with a low price tag and a simple UI. Despite all the disputes around the handset's poor characteristics, bad camera and lack of Google's services, Nokia X seems to have achieved its purpose. And here is the living proof: Nokia X2

As well as its predecessor, Nokia X2 comes in a range of juicy colours, has a dual-sim functionality and runs Nokia X Software Platform. This is basically a mixture of a Windows-like tiled homescreen, Nokia's notification screen, a set of preloaded Microsoft services and a homecooked Nokia Store that hosts a substantial number of Android apps. The handset has finally got the home button, a faster 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a 4,3-inch screen. The rest of the specs remain pretty much the same.

A decent device for smartphone starters, especially considering the relatively low price of $135. A bit higher if compared to Nokia X, but still not bad for a Lumia “feeder”.

VIA: TechCrunch


Nice Nokia.

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