Rumor: NVIDIA Might Be Cooking up Another SHIELD Rumor: NVIDIA Might Be Cooking up Another SHIELD

NVIDIA is rapidly expanding its SHIELD gaming platform; the lineup already includes a tablet and a set-top box with the latter to hit the markets this May. These, however, are successors to the original portable console titled “SHIELD” and the company seems to be getting ready for a release of a fresher version of the portable Android gaming device.

The Bluetooth (spotted by a Chinese website Juggly) and Wi-Fi (spotted by Liliputing) certifications show that NVIDIA Corporation certified a “Portable Gaming Console” together with the above-mentioned set-top box, which might also mean that the the alleged second-gen SHIELD will be equipped with Tegra X1 Super Chip. According to Wi-Fi specs the new console will also be running “Android version: 5” which is most likely to be Lollipop. Just as a reminder, the original portable console is still running KitKat. For more specs, check the images below.

Bluetooth CertificationBluetooth Certification

Wi-Fi CertificationWi-Fi Certification

Rumor has it that the new portable device may be released sometime this summer if ever. That's it for the moment. If you wish to learn more about NVIDIA SHIELD, check out this article, or visit NVIDIA SHIELD website.