The Beta build of SwiftKey 6.0 can guess your next two words The Beta build of SwiftKey 6.0 can guess your next two words

The SwiftKey Beta app for Android just got an important update which offers several handy improvements, but sadly, the GIF sending capability that we all wanted is not among them. As far as I'm concerned, the biggest novelty is the fact that the third-party keyboard app can now predict two words instead of just one. Don't get scared, this won't happen every single time, but only when you type in specific phrases that have a relatively clear continuation. It may not sound like much at the first glance, but those who spend a lot of time texting on their phones can truly appreciate how much time this "double predictions" feature (as the developers call it) can actually save.

Another thing that most people will like is the improvement to the Emoji panel, which helps the users find exactly the emoticon they require much quicker. Moreover, the Settings of SwiftKey Beta now feature a splash of Material Design, thus being a lot easier to configure. The one thing to remember is that these features are, at the moment, only available in the Beta version of the application, which means that you will probably also encounter your fair share of bugs. In case you don't want to go through all that trouble, you will have to wait until these updates reach the mainstream version of SwiftKey (which probably won't take too long).

SwiftKey Beta - double predictionsSwiftKey Beta - double predictions

This isn't the first time the SwiftKey team has shown tremendous improvements when it comes to predicting what the users are about to write. Just a couple of weeks ago, they launched a different app called SwiftKey Neural Alpha that uses its own brain-simulating neural nets to precisely predict what you're about to write. If you're interested, I previously covered that subject in the story called "SwiftKey Neural Alpha offers "brainy" predictions".