LG trolls Samsung's non-removable batteries on Twitter LG trolls Samsung's non-removable batteries on Twitter

Throughout the history of advertisements, there have been some really interesting (and most of the time funny) wars between major companies such as Cola vs Pepsi, Apple vs PC, etc. Most recently, the battle between Microsoft and Apple continued over which company has the best digital assistant, with a series of videos in which Cortana made some snarky remarks about Siri. A recent event indicates that two new competitors may be ready to start trolling each other as LG just made a joke on Twitter about the fact that Samsung's flagships feature non-removable batteries.

LG's Twitter jokeLG's Twitter joke

As you can see in the image above, everything started from a post on Samsung's Twitter account which advertised the Galaxy S6 Edge feature that allows the battery to charge from 0 to 100% in just 90 minutes, a feature that isn't exactly new. However, LG thought that this is the best time to make its move, so it replied with an ironic: "Go from zero to full instantly with a removable battery". What's really cool is that according to rumors, this is actually a very clever ad for LG's upcoming G5 flagship which will have a slide-out battery tray that will allow the customers to instantly swap an empty battery with a fully charged one.

As far as I'm concerned, I think that LG will be smart to turn this Twitter war into a marketing strategy, especially if the PR guys find more clever puns (hopefully better than this one). Funny burns and comebacks will always catch the eyes of the media and of the general public, so it will put both companies in the center of attention. Since both LG and Samsung announced that they're working on Android flip-phones, a battle over that sector of the market would be quite interesting to watch.