You can now use ad-blockers on Samsung's browser for Android You can now use ad-blockers on Samsung's browser for Android

Have you ever wondered why all the major apps and services are shifting toward mobile? The biggest reason is money. Advertisers pay more for mobile users than PC users, and the "why" is pretty simple: mobile users share more useful data (location, schedule, contacts, etc.) and, up until recently, mobile ads were almost inescapable. Fortunately for us, things are changing in the user's favor, and after iPhones finally introduced ad-blocking capabilities, it was time for Samsung to do the same. The company's default web browser for mobile devices now allows you to install apps that will keep those annoying ads away from the webpages that you visit. In case you can't wait to try out this new functionality, you can install Crystal for Samsung Internet or Adblock Fast which are already available on Google's Play Store.

The one downside for this is that it will most likely reignite the talks between advertisers and publishers about how to force the users to see more ads. Surprisingly enough, most of the time these discussions are about withholding content from those who use an ad-blocker or simply stopping them from visiting a website altogether instead of how to make ads less intrusive and actually tolerable. If you don't believe me, you should take a look at what Yahoo did a couple of months ago when it locked many ad-blocker users out of their emails for an entire weekend. Moreover, I'm betting that in the future we will see more similar incidents as most companies are there to make money, not to keep customers happy.