Meerkat is Now Available for Android Users Meerkat is Now Available for Android Users

With the earlier release of the Android app, Meerkat has won a battle in the war. Its chief competitor, Periscope, was acquired by Twitter a while ago, but at the moment Periscope is still available only for iOS devices. Just in case you are not aware of the latest Twitter trends, both Periscope and Meerkat allow users to stream their videos directly to Twitter; and now Android device owners can join the party.

Initially, Meerkat hit Google Play Store on May 1st, and many users were complaining about the buggy beta, but now, when the app is officially released, it should be much more stable. Or should it? There are still many comments suggesting that the livestreaming drops very often and that users still get connection errors when trying to log in. Maybe it's just me, but the app worked perfectly well on Sony Xperia C3 connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Still, there might be some troubles with other devices, but the app is certainly worth giving a try.

Still no news about the Android version of Periscope, so if you wish to download Meerkat, go to Google Play using this link.