Quick Glance at the New Google Photos App Quick Glance at the New Google Photos App

You may remember that a couple of months ago we reported that the search engine giant was going to separate Google Photos from Google+. Now, finally, we have the first tangible signs of the split. Earlier today, Android Police got an exclusive hands-on preview of the revamped Google Photos mobile app. And here is what it is going to look like.

New design and some of the featuresNew design and some of the features

Upon the first launch the user will be met with a quick introduction into the app's functionality. As well as in the current version, you will be able to search for photos depicting animals, specific landmarks, people or whatever you wish. Google Photos will also help you manage and back up your gallery. The photos can be viewed by day, month or in compact mode. You will be able to select multiple photos in a way that is similar to selecting files on a PC with a mouse. The interface, on the whole, will look more 'lollipoppier' and the current 'Autoawesome' feature will be replaced with the 'Assistant' function, providing you with a much wider range of possibilities for creating albums, animations, movies and more.

Link SharingLink Sharing

Link-sharing is another important update that will allow users to generate a link for any photos they select (even to a single one) and copy it to the clipboard for further sharing on Facebook, Twitter or even through an SMS. The link will lead to a custom album that contains only the photos you select. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can delete the location metadata from the photos you share via links or delete any of the links through the navigation menu, which will make the link dead everywhere you posted it.

So what actually hints at the split of Google+? The thing is that your gallery will be stored at photos.google.com; currently it redirects you to the photos section of your Google+ account, but the servers will probably go live after Google I/O. Nothing has yet been said about the so-called Google Streams, but, again, we are most likely to learn more during Google I/O event, that will start in San Francisco Moscone Center West on May 28.