Android Nougat rolls out to LG's G5 phones first

Many people, myself included, believed that Samsung will be the first company to roll out the newest version of Android on one of their phones. However, it turns out that we were wrong as LG beat the other Korean giant to the punch as the G5 is officially the first phone to start rolling out the Android Nougat update. The customers from Korea will be the first to receive the update followed by those from the Americas and Asia within a few weeks.

As I'm sure you already know, Google's Pixel models were the first ones to come with Android 7.0 out of the box, but what you may not know is that next product to ship out with Nougat preinstalled was  LG's V20 smartphone. It seems that the company likes being number one as they are now also the first to start rolling out the update to the latest operating system. Samsung isn't that far behind; the company started rolling out Nougat updates to S7 and S7 Edge just one day later, but as a public beta test and not as an official version.

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