Google Play Movies Launches Pre-Order Google Play Movies Launches Pre-Order

Following the example of iTunes, Google's Play Store now allows you to pre-order the movie you are longing to see. The feature has just been introduced and there are currently fifteen movies to choose from with the list including such relatively fresh titles as: Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent and Maze Runner.

To pre-order a movie, you just click the one you'd like to get and follow the instructions during the checkout. After the payment is arranged, you'll get an email notification on the day the movie becomes available. Currently the feature is allowed only for the US residents with other countries to appear on the list “soon”. Unfortunately, as folks at Android Authority say, there seems to be no encouragement from Google for you to use the pre-order feature (no discounts or earlier access). Also not sure when the “soon” will arrive, but, hopefully it will by the time Star Wars Episode VII is released.

Hit the link to check out the full list of movies available and may Android be with you

VIA: Android Authority