Google's Assistant updated with the holidays spirit Google's Assistant updated with the holidays spirit

As we've seen in the past, Google goes all out to embrace the holidays, so it's only natural that the company's assistant should follow suit. The IT giant has just updated the Google Assistant making it offer several seasonal answers and bring good tidings all around. Of course, in order to see these latest features for yourself, you're going to need to use the Assistant embedded in the Allo app, have a Pixel phone or be the proud owned of a Google Home device.

In case you're curios about what Christmassy things the assistant can do now, I can tell you that it's now able to tell you where Santa is at any given time so that you'll have the cookies and milk ready when he arrives. Additionally, Google's helper shows a bit of humor as it's now equipped with several Santa jokes that will "make you merry". However, it's not all about Christmas; those who will soon celebrate Hanukah haven't been ignored and Google's Assistant can spin the dreidel on command. Moreover, if you wish it a "Happy Kwanza" it will return the greeting and will also give you a few fun facts or wise words about the Jewish holiday.

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