Minuum is an Android Wear Keyboard That Works Minuum is an Android Wear Keyboard That Works

What makes a smartphone really smart? It's rather a question of the apps installed, than of the specs. The same goes for Android Wear devices and, as the wear app market is just at its infancy, there is a vast field of opportunities for the developers to jump in. And here is another groovy question: what is the main purpose of the smartwatch? At the moment it cannot at any rate be used as a substitute for the smartphone, but in a couple of cases it can surely save you the effort of taking the smartphone out of your pocket.

Minuum is a smartwatch keyboard that will probably add some more cases to this list. The keyboard is presented in a single line that matches the size of a tiny smartwatch screen and uses a word completion algorithm to guess the word the user wants to type in.

Still wondering how this thing would look like on Moto 360. A nice tool to send a «Yo», «Meh» or even «Hodor», but in case you want to send a love confession poem, you'll probably have to take out your smartphone, or talk to your wrist. But as the app is still being developed, there will likely be some improvements in the auto completion algorithm. If you'd like to test the «best so far» Android Wear keyboard, you are welcome to sign up for the beta test here.