Rumor: Wi-Fi and Gestures Support To Be Added In Android Wear Rumor: Wi-Fi and Gestures Support To Be Added In Android Wear

Reports indicate that the upcoming Android Wear improvements will be quite significant. According to unofficial sources, Google plans to add a few cool enhancements to its smartwatches, such as support for WiFi connections, gestures control and UI tweaks to make the devices easier to use and more better-looking. The fact that this information happens to be leaked on the next day after the Apple Watch press event took place seems a bit too convenient to be just a simple coincidence.

  • WiFi Support - will allow your Android-powered smartwatch to perform various Internet-related functions, such as searching Google or delivering notifications even when it is not connected to your phone through Bluetooth. From what we've seen at this year's Mobile World Congress, most devices already have the hardware capabilities required for this kind of functionality, the only thing still missing being the software.
  • Gestures Support - will enable the user to control various features of the smartwatch through hand movements. For example, you will no longer have to constantly swipe the screen to scroll through the available cards, but instead will be able to do so simply by flicking your wrist. Of course this means that while in transit you might accidentally switch to a different app, but in the long run this feature could prove to be quite useful.
  • UI Tweaks - will most likely provide the user with easier access to frequently used apps, such as Contacts, Messages or Media Gallery. In all honesty, any addition that offers the customers an easier way to access their apps will be a noticeable improvement, as this has always been one of the biggest shortcomings of Android Wear.