Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Goes on Sale Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Goes on Sale

Yesterday, Samsung officially launched its long awaited virtual reality headset. The device is currently available at a relatively low price of $200. Well, it's $199.99, to be precise. The device comes with a 16GB microSD card, carrying case, replacement face cushioning and a piece of cloth to keep the lenses clean. The owners of the device will also have some pre-installed apps and access to Oculus store where they will be able to find all sorts of goodies to stuff the microSD card with.

Don't get too excited and keep in mind that Gear VR is not a standalone headset. Despite the amazing capabilities, it is more like an accessory for Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and works exclusively with the flagship phablet. The off-contract Galaxy Note 4 will set you back somewhere around $750 (the price may vary depending on the distributor). So if you are eager to buy a phablet just to play with the headset, be ready to pay around $1000 for the bundle.

Is it worth the money? I think that Vlad Tiganasu would agree with me if I say yes. If you are not sure about Galaxy Note 4, I strongly recommend you read Vlad's article where he makes a nice overview of the latest phablets.

For more information on purchasing and specs of the headset, visit Samsung's Gear VR webpage.