Wikipedia on Your Wrist Wikipedia on Your Wrist

Searching for info is the most common and, probably, the most essential activity on the Internet (except for watching cat videos, of course). Folks at Google knew what they do when they launched their search engine. But sometimes googling is not enough, and in such cases we resort to the most extensive multilingual source of information: Wikipedia. We do it on our laptops, PCs, smartphones but as the number of Android Wear apps on Google Play grows on an unprecedented scale, now there is something that will narrow the gap between smartwatches and bigger devices a little more.

Attopedia is an app for Android Wear, developed by Dheera Venkatraman, that brings the most popular web encyclopedia to a smaller screen. And, surprisingly, the navigation is not that puzzling as it might have been expected. The process is simple and intuitive as it should be with Wear apps. You voice search the article you need, swipe up and down to navigate through different sections and swipe right to read the desirable section.

Here is a screenshot to make it absolutely clearHere is a screenshot to make it absolutely clear

That's it, you've got another information source to help you pass your exams. Well, of course if F is enough for you, as it is still a bad idea to rely on Wikipedia to such an extent. Attopedia is free to download and, as usual, can be found in the Referenced Programs section.

VIA: Android Police

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